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As a busy mom, I carry a lot of information in my head: sending back completed school forms, making sure school plays are in the diary, remembering to repair the loose cardigan button, scheduling dentist appointments, and buying birthday cards/presents for school friends. I remember seeing a meme a while back that compared being a busy parent to having 2,476 tabs open at any one time - I couldn't have put it better myself.

That's just when the kids are at school. There are even more tabs to keep track of during half term/school holidays.

I’m always on the lookout for tips to keep my kids busy outside of school while still being an eco-friendly parent.

A free way to entertain them is to get them outside, away from screens, and let them enjoy the environment the way we did when we were young and carefree. In order for our kids and future generations to enjoy the environment, we need to change a few habits to become more sustainable. I've noticed that children pick up most of their habits from their parents, and if they see us doing something eco-friendly, they will often adopt that habit too.

Here are some quick eco-tips to get you started:

Meal planning - So much of our food is wasted (which also costs us money), so I'm a huge fan of meal planning. As busy parents, we're used to forward planning, so knowing what to get in advance helps us save time and money. I've got some meal planners on my website that can help with this. If your budget stretches to it, there are some food subscription boxes that contain everything you need for meals delivered to your door. We currently have a company that delivers, and it makes my life so much easier.

Composting - This is a great way to get your kids outside and help them love the environment around them. Kids love getting their hands dirty and are fascinated with wriggly worms (when my daughter was little, she used to bring them home in her pocket from nursery). Showing them the natural cycle of food waste and how it can be used in the garden will help them understand natural cycles in the environment. Composty has some brilliant blogs on the benefits of composting and how to get started.

Digital detox - We live in a digital age where we send/receive so many emails, but we need to ensure we delete anything we don't need. The less we have in our inbox and sub-folders, the less energy data servers will need to store that data. I find decluttering really satisfying, and this is another form of decluttering. This isn't something that can be done in one go; it's a gradual process. I've had an email address for nearly twenty years and, so far, I've deleted about 6,000 emails. I've looked at so many emails and wondered why on earth I've kept them. Big tip - don't delete anything you actually need. If in doubt, keep it.

Plastic cutlery - There's nothing worse than having a family day out, sitting down for lunch, and being given single-use plastic cutlery to eat your meal. I've seen many alternatives, including bamboo cutlery, but I'm wondering whether they're really necessary. Bamboo cutlery can be great, but it still costs money, and although it can be composted, it's still single-use. Something I do is grab some cutlery from my kitchen for everyone and pop it in my bag. Once you've had your meal, wrap it up in a towel, take it home, and pop it in the dishwasher. This won't cost you extra money, and you're using something you already have.

These are just some of the tips that work for me, and I always like to share what I've learned.

Children are going to inherit this planet from us, and looking after the environment should be part of their learning process. As a busy mom, I aim to provide practical and sustainable tips to help other busy moms lead eco-friendly lives for their homes and families, without stress, overwhelm, or judgment.

About Raakhee Stratton - I'm a busy mom who is passionate about helping other busy moms with eco-tips for sustainable living through my blog. I spend most of my time on Instagram, where you can follow me and say hello.


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