Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Composty, the family-run company selling value-led, eco-friendly, fully compostable cleaning products to combat climate change by reducing plastic waste around the UK, giving households a greener and more affordable alternative to the environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market.

We are Helen & Matt, and our story began in 2016 when our beautiful daughter was born, and we wanted to bring her up in a greener, better world. We started making an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle, preserving this beautiful world we have for our daughter to enjoy throughout her life. However, we soon discovered that many eco-friendly solutions were out of our price range, and many of the so-called 'sustainable' options were far from ideal.

Out of our own frustration with the offerings on the market, we decided to be the catalyst for change. We’ve had enough of greenwashed, overpriced items capitalising on the urgent need to change our world for the greener. We wanted to make sustainable living available to everybody, so that together, we can preserve this beautiful planet of ours. Nobody should be prevented from living a sustainable life because they can’t afford to do so.

That's why we founded Composty in February 2021, offering eco-friendly, compostable cleaning products from our family to yours. We're a West Midlands based family of eco-warriors aiming to combat climate change and protect the environment for future generations through our eco-friendly sponges and product ranges.

Our high-quality pack of multi-use sponges is fully compostable and arrives at your door in compostable packaging. At Composty, we guide all our decisions around a mantra of sustainability. These eight company values make us who we are and shape what we do. Through our products, we hope to support your sustainability mantra and guide you through the journey towards a greener lifestyle.

Our Why is simple – 1.8 billion tonnes of CO2e are released during the production of plastic globally, and over 400 million plastic sponges are disposed of by households across the UK every year, enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall. The sponges take over 500 years to decompose at landfill. We wanted to find an environmentally friendly solution, allowing us to have a clean home for our children while saving the planet one sponge at a time.

We're proud to say that since our launch, we've already planted enough trees to remove 323 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere annually. Over 55,000 households across the UK agree that using our eco-friendly sponges and cloths are a better alternative to regular sponges and enjoy cleaning with a conscience.

At Composty, we're excited to share our eco-friendly, compostable products with the world. Every one of our products is compostable and comes in compostable packaging too – no false promises.

We also price our range in a way that’s affordable to families like us, and to give back, we commit 1% of our revenue to environmental charities as part of our 'Composty Cares' promise.

Join us on the journey towards a greener future – and let us be your helping hand in living a sustainable lifestyle affordably. Together, we can make a difference! 🌿