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Our Story

Our Story

Our story began when our beautiful daughter was born in 2016. We wanted to bring her up in a greener, better world - so we started making an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We wanted to preserve this beautiful world we have for our daughter to enjoy as well, throughout her whole life. We were worried about how much could be saved for future generations if we didn’t make these changes.

However, as we started exploring more eco-friendly solutions, we found ourselves priced out of being able to adopt this lifestyle. Many of the swaps were valued at a premium as sustainability rose in popularity. We also found that many ‘sustainable’ options were far from ideal. At one point, we ordered a set of compostable sponges online and when they arrived, we found them to be packaged in non-recyclable plastic. 

Out of our own frustration with the offering on the market, we decided to be the catalyst for change. We’ve had enough of greenwashed, overpriced items capitalising on the urgent need to change our world for the greener. 

We are excited to share that our first product is a high-quality pack of multi-use sponges. They are not just compostable but also come in compostable packaging. Fully ethical. 

As a family team based in the UK – a husband and wife who now have two beautiful daughters – we want to make sustainable living available to everybody so that together, we can preserve this beautiful planet of ours. Nobody should be prevented from living a sustainable life because they can’t afford to do so.

Every one of our products is compostable and come in compostable packaging too – no false promises. It’s also very important to us to price our range in a way that’s affordable to families like us. Additionally, to give back, we also plant a tree for every product sold on our website.

Join us on the journey – and let us be your helping hand in living a sustainable lifestyle affordably.