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Our Mantra

The Composty Mantra

At Composty, we guide all our decisions around a mantra of sustainability. These eight company values make us who we are and shape what we do. Through our products, we also hope to support your sustainability mantra and guide you through the journey towards a greener lifestyle.

Affordable Swaps

We want to make sustainability as easy and as affordable as it can be, which is why our swaps are designed to both help you live sustainably and save you money. As sustainability has become a trend, many brands are pricing their sustainable swaps at a premium only accessible to the select few, creating a privileged image of sustainability. We want the opposite – to end this ‘exclusivity’.


Have you ever ordered a compostable product only to find out that it was delivered in non-compostable packaging? We have, which is why when we started our business, we pledged to make all our products, as well as the packaging they come in, fully compostable.


One tree planted

Aside from helping you live a more sustainable lifestyle, we also want to be a part of a bigger change in the world. To give back to nature and help combat deforestation, we plant a tree for every purchase made on our website. It’s that simple – no asterisks, no conditions.


Zero Plastic

Our seas and landfills are flooded with plastic waste every day. Did you know that only 9% of all plastic produced is recycled? It’s time to end the plastic era and stop pretending that we can just recycle our way through plastic pollution. Zero plastic is our solution.


Zero Waste

Unfortunately, it’s not just plastic that’s contributing to the pollution of our planet. Other materials can also be harmful, from non-recyclable paper to electronic waste. We want to eliminate any chance of contributing towards the heaps of waste humanity is sending to landfill, incineration plants or the natural environment – and we want to help you be part of the change too.


Carbon Positive

There are three kinds of companies: carbon negative (which release more greenhouse gasses than they help eliminate from the atmosphere), carbon neutral (helping eliminate just enough to balance their footprint) and carbon positive (eliminating greenhouse gasses equivalent to more than their own release). We are proud to say we classify as carbon positive, which means that our products help remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, contributing to stopping climate change – not just slowing it down.


Rethink & Repurpose

We rethink the way businesses are run and repurpose materials wherever we can, using a circular economy concept. This means that we consider the lifecycle of the product and its packaging when designing it, to ensure it doesn’t end up in the landfill.


Communities Supported
One of the biggest environmental threats of our time is deforestation. However, aside from ridding the world of one-of-a-kind habitats and endangered species, it’s also devastating for local communities. We want to help these communities in everything that we do and minimize the negative effects they are experiencing. Sadly, we can’t bring back what was taken from them – but what we can do is help them rebuild.