How to have an indulgent yet sustainable Christmas

Christmastime is the most festive time of the year – and we all want to indulge in its celebrations and spend time with family. However, all the plastic decorations, non-recyclable wrapping paper and unwanted gifts add up for a sky-high impact on the environment. 

Thankfully, there are many different ways to make the holiday season more sustainable – let us share some of our favourite tips.

  • Choose sustainable gift options
  • Consider the environmental impact of gifts you buy for your loved ones. Gadgets that help them live more sustainably are a great option, experience gifts never disappoint, and you can always explore more sustainable options for products you know they’ll like! Choose things that last and avoid single-use options.

  • Eco-friendly Christmas menu
  • Did you know that you can substantially reduce the impact of your festive meal if you choose more plant-based options? This does not mean you need to go vegan this Christmas – try introducing more alternatives onto your plate, wherever it’s easiest.

  • Choose the right wrapping
  • Did you know that conventional wrapping paper is not recyclable? What’s more, it’s usually decorated with plastic bows and ribbons which aren’t recyclable either. To have a more sustainable Christmas, wrap gifts in recyclable paper and natural string, old newspaper or reusable fabric wrap.

  • Decorate naturally
  • You don’t need store-bought plastic décor to make your home Christmas-ready! Get a potted (or cut-down) Christmas tree rather than artificial and make use of biodegradable décor – dried orange slices, pinecones, twigs or cinnamon sticks are much more sustainable and cheaper too!

  • Shop locally
  • This swap is as simple as buying gifts, food and décor from your local shops, rather than international chains. Local products have a much lower footprint and make your Christmas that much more sustainable.


    Do you have any 'top tips' for a sustainable Christmas?


    • We love these tips. Reusing things are great aren’t they. 10 times is a lot, and why not hey? Makes your tree special to you doesn’t it, Penny?

      Matt @ Composty
    • I have a plastic cchristmas tree i’ve had for 10yrs now & still love it. To wrap presents i used wrapping paper that i’ve saved from previous yrs & instead of tape i’ve used ribbon i’ve saved from other things so i can reuse the paper again😊


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