Four Ways to Keep Warm and Save Money during the Cold Months

This year winter feels slightly gloomy with many conversations about the energy crises and climate change; it has forced us to rethink and adapt but is that such a bad thing? 


Generally, we (humans) have adapted through centuries of change and disruption. Although the rate of climate change is unprecedented, we have proven methods that have helped us evolve through all circumstances, even the coldest months.

Sometimes the simple way is the best, so by looking at our history, we can incorporate knowledge and practices into our lives that will contribute to a greener future, help save money and get us through the winter. 

We have pulled together four ways to keep warm and save money during the cold months.

1) Stay Active

Going for walks, visiting your local park or exercising alone or with friends are great ways to keep warm and save money. Technically staying slows down the blood flow which is the reason why you may feel cold. So, scheduling an active day keeps you fit, warm and improves mental health especially protects you against Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD (Edward-Elmhurst health, 2022). In addition, visiting natural surroundings by foot helps us appreciate the local area and reduce our carbon emissions, promoting cleaner air. 

2) Layers and hot water bottles 

Adding a few thick layers during cold seasons is one of the simplest ways to fight the cold. When we think of layers, we often think of old knitted jumpers, but who says you can't be a fashionista in the winter? 

Layers allow us to experiment with various colours, textures and designs while saving on our heat bills! To save even more, you can purchase your jumpers, cardigans or hoodies from your local charity shop, vintage boutique, or junkyard sale, which helps champion slow fashion. Did you know the world produces 92 billion garments a year (earth,2019); so, don’t buy brand-new, buy preloved. 

Oh, and for those even colder nights, purchase a hot water bottle or microwaveable wheat-filled teddy and then put it under your bed covers for at least 30 mins before you jump into bed. So, when you are ready to go to bed, your bed will be warm, preventing you from turning up your central heating dial. 

3) Hot drink

Whether you like premium coffee, herbal tea or hot water, drinking hot drinks can help you keep warmer in the winter. Adding a hot liquid to your body helps increase the temperature in your body, especially when you are outside or in the car. You can also put your hot drinks in a flask to keep the heat longer, allowing you to drink throughout the day. 

4) Promote energy efficiency at home

Winter introduces short days and long nights, so naturally, we may stay indoors and use much more energy than in summer. However, there are many ways you can promote energy efficiency at home:

  • Firstly, ask your energy supplier to introduce a smart meter that tracks your usage; alternatively, you can swap for solar panels, an eco-friendly option. 
  • Trap the heat by closing the curtains, blinds and any gaps. Alternatively, you can purchase draft stoppers or, like the old-fashioned way, grab an old blanket and position it where the air escapes, for example, at the bottom of the doors, around the windows and air vents.  
  • Last but certainly not least, remember to switch off the heating and appliances or introduce a timer.

Staying warm and saving money is challenging, but history has proven that there are simple ways we can combat the colder months and save money while contributing to climate change. Remember to share these tips with anyone keen to save money and live a better-quality life.

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